See you on the court

Posted by Alison Burrell on

2 weeks to go! Woohoo!!!

The countdown to getting back on the netball court is well & truly on!

I cannot wait to play again & to see my netball family. I'm so excited & nervous, such a mixture of emotions. I realised during this lockdown in particular how much my netball girls  mean to me & how they play a vital role in keeping me happy & positive.

Playing netball with my team every week, really does help my mental health. To have that regular routine back in my life, to get together, laugh & share jokes whilst motivating each other & playing the sport that we all love, has truly been one of the things I've missed the most during the pandemic!

This lockdown, working from home whilst attempting to home school my 9 year old has been so tough! The distraction was unreal. 25 snacks a day, 10 toilet breaks and a million other things around her that stopped her from focussing on her school work! With me permanently shouting can you 'please focus'!!!..... was a real mental challenge. So stressful for us all!

One of the things that helped tackle my low days was keeping fit at home. Doing my netball hiit sessions online & knowing that we will one day soon we will be back on the court.    

I can only hope this is the last time we have to be away from our netball family!

See you on the court girls! I cannot wait!




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