Stay Motivated Whilst Isolated

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Oh how I miss my team mates already!
How am I going to cope without netball in my life? How am I going to stay fit if I can't play? How am I going to manage my mental health when I don't have my coping mechanism? I don't want to be isolated....... ARGHHH!!!
I feel like we are all living in a movie and the world around us is going mad. COVID19 is dominating our conversation, our thoughts and routine. Panic sets in at the thought of staying indoors for a long period of time. 
Well it did!!!....until I thought, hang on, lets turn this negative into a positive. Why don't I use this time during self isolation to focus on me, my fitness, my mental health and to do the things that make me happy and enjoy spending some quality time with my family.  
I have always had a real motivation for working out at home. Im a mum to an 8 year old girl, Chloe, and my husband works night shifts so I can rarely get to the gym. 
I play netball three times a week and in-between I do my home workouts. I have always loved doing high intensity Interval Training. Its a sweat fest!
So with my best friend Ali from NetballGirlCode we decided to create our own netball focussed fitness workouts to do at home. To help you stay motivated whilst isolated. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
There are 4 x 20 minute workouts for you to complete. They are cardio based, netball focussed and designed to help build up your agility and endurance. Each exercise is 1 minute long with high and low impact options. They will really help to build up your fitness levels ready to get back on the netball court when the time comes!
Our latest workout is a 10 minute mummy & daughter netball challenge. Its great fun (you can watch the  out-takes) and will help entertain the kids whilst they are off school. There are a few netball drills and challenges and will hopefully stop them and you going stir crazy! 
So from Ali & Em at NetballGirlCode: enjoy the isolation. Take the time to focus on yourself, pump up the music, smash our workouts and stay motivated whilst isolated!


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