Why Netball Mums are so special!

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Why Netball Mums are so special 

An order that came through today that got me thinking about how having a sporty mum can be so important for their kids. The customer asked for a gift message to be included with one of our ‘The Netball Court is my happy place’ products. She asked for the note to say:

You are an amazing Momma!

You are doing a fantastic job x

I don't know the context in which this fab mum is doing a wonderful job but I do know that she is a netball player and that in itself is such an inspirational thing to be doing for your kids. We all hear the saying ‘Lead by example’ and what better way to show your kids how important sport is by actually being part of a team. For anyone of you who are part of a netball team, you will know just how awesome it is. It’s so much more than just a sport that keeps you fit. You make wonderful friendships, improve your mental health, have fun and let go of all that tension, anxiety and stress that so easily builds up everyday in our lives. 

Lets Celebrate Netball Mums

So to celebrate all those amazing mums out there that play netball and juggle kids, we are running a competition to win a £30 gift voucher for Mother's Day. Get voting for that special netball mum that you know! Click here to nominate

Best of luck!

Ali x

PS: loving our nominations so far - there are so many, it is going to be sooooo hard to select a winner. Each one has had us in tears! Here's a few from the many...

"......has amazing dedication, she has raised 6 kids with the 7th on the way, but this hasn't prevented her from managing and pulling in players for our netball team."

".... is an amazing mum to her children, one of which is now old enough to play in the women’s league. She has helped her daughter develop into an amazing player just like herself. She is totally dedicated to the sport playing it when ever she can, and while 9 months pregnant still coaches the squad."

"...she has created a netball family who have supported one another through bereavements, degrees and even celebrated one member receiving her bus pass!"

"not only is 100% committed to her netball team but also still manages to organise football trips for her son & all his team mates!!!! Thats a true all round team player!!!!"

"started a netball team 4 years ago and has run it ever since. This team consists of mum’s from the local primary school, many of which had never played netball before. Since then Jen has coached and managed the team, which as gone on to move up through 6 decisions. She has done an amazing job."

"Because she is a wonderful person, fantastic mom and a great netball player ❤"

"is the nicest person I know, a friend to everyone, who spends countless hours supporting her netball team. An enthusiastic and fair coach and a talented team player. She is a star!"

"She’s a single mother to 3 amazing kids who all play sport and she deserves a treat"

"Her inspiration and encouragement to all is the building block of the team. This lady deserves all the recognition she can get."

" is a single mom of 3 who has bought us up 4 divisions with determination & encouragement which had resulted in our netball family and fabulous friendships over the last 5 years. Thoroughly deserved x"

"She has coached us, played with us AND on top of that last weekend she successfully organised a charity netball event on rare disease day, which raised both money and awareness for Metabolic diseases that she has had to become an expert in. Her beautiful daughter is only 5 months old! She deserves the recognition for what she's doing, she is an inspiration!"

"There is nobody more worthy of this prize in my eyes, .... is try a credit to netball on merseyside!"

"is the most dedicated person I know for netball. She plays 4-5 netball games a week and helps with all the organisation for our fun league"

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