Our Production Process

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We thought we would write about how our products are made; from the design to the fab end product! 

Product Research

We both play netball and coach. As well as playing in our local league,  we coach seven different groups which keeps us very busy. It is through this daily interaction with passionate netballers that we come up with the ideas for the design of our netball focused gifts and clothing. Our teenage players are especially helpful:  they love to tell us what’s 'on trend' so we can incorporate this into our designs. 

Product Selection and Quality Control

This is definitely something that we are always working on. We order new test products every month to ensure that we are choosing the best clothing and products for the right price. We were using a different wholesaler before the COVID lockdown and found that the customer service during those difficult first few weeks was extremely poor which in turn affected us and, importantly, our loyal customers. We made the decision to change to a new UK wholesaler that offers a wide selection of different clothing and accessories and we haven't looked back! There are of course times when things don’t move as quickly as we would like but we make sure we keep our customers closely informed about what is happening. We are still a small business, although growing fast! We can’t hold as much stock as Amazon; we place our orders from the manufacturer once we receive an order from our customers. This means we can’t send out orders as quickly as Amazon do although it’s something we are always working on – we want our customers to get their products as fast as possible.  


Once we have received the order from the manufacturer, we send it to the printer and this, for us, is where the magic happens. Seeing our designs and ideas come to life means a lot to us.

Check out our printer in action


Once we have packaged up the order, its then to be collected by our courier and off to a new home!

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