My 2020 Netball Goals!

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On paper.... glacier water, kale smoothies and 1000 squats a day so that I’ll look like j-lo by June.

In reality..... I get freaked out after day one because I know I can’t keep up with this for long and end up sitting watching tv eating crisps. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you choose something that you are passionate about it is MUCH easier to keep going and achieve your goals. Identify two or three small changes you want to make and then ensure you have a great reason for doing it. So for me this it is all about getting netball fit.

Netball is my passion

I have played netball since I was a kid and it is my passion. Last year I turned 40 and I am determined to become fitter and healthier than ever! Im not doing this for the weighing scales: I hate the scales, they just make me sad. I’m doing this so I can love even more how I feel on the netball court. I play centre so endurance and stamina are key.

So what is my plan to get netball fit?

I have set myself a challenge this month to get me kick started! I am going to complete 4 netball focussed HIIT workouts per week, as well as my netball training and matches. So fingers crossed I am going to be super netball fit!  The workouts are 20 minutes and you can do them at home - perfect for me as I have a really busy work life. Over a whole week that’s just 1 hour and twenty minutes. Its not a lot – but that’s the point. It’s not a huge amount of effort but it’s going to make a massive difference to my netball.

I started on 2nd Jan and I am now at day 14 having completed 4 sessions in my first and second week. I am already seeing a big change in my daily energy levels and my fitness on the netball court - super excited to see what how I feel after a month! 

Fancy having a go too? Check out the fitness videos on youtube 

Our new Netball Fitness Clothing range

Obviously you need to look fab whilst working out! So we have now created a new netball fitness range so you can wear your netball passion at training. We hope you love the range and would love to hear your feedback.


Best of luck :)

Ali xxx


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