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Mental Health Benefits of Netball

Both myself and Em are netball coaches and run a netball club in Birmingham. A couple of years ago before we formally set up our club, we discussed why we wanted to do it. We are both incredibly passionate about promoting fitness as a way to help women deal with mental health issues and we wanted to create a club where women felt comfortable, supported and loved. When we said we were starting a blog so many of our wonderful team mates jumped at the chance to contribute and share their experiences of how netball has changed their lives. Every time we receive one, I have to say we shed a few tears!

Natalie's Netball Story

I have always and will always struggle with my mental health. One minute I can be the happiest person on earth the next I’m struck with crippling anxiety which is a day to day struggle with work and social situations.

Thankfully my team  the MG cougars have helped me to be a more confident happy individual.

I am so grateful to have re-found this sport in my life and I hope that others will read this and be inspired to go join a club and part of team and make genuine connections with people that you would not have met in other walks of life x

Find a local Netball Club and Change your life!

There are so many wonderful netball clubs across the UK. It doesn't matter what stage you are in life, what fitness levels you are or if you think - 'I haven't touched a netball since school!'. 

Back to Netball - England Netball

England Netball started a fantastic program to get women back into netball. To find out more about it, visit 

Let us know your story!

Ali x

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