Finally.........a good reason to be tall!! Anna (MG Cougars)

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Netball Combats Stress

Both myself and Em are netball coaches and run a netball club in Birmingham. A couple of years ago before we formally set up our club, we discussed why we wanted to do it. We are both incredibly passionate about promoting fitness as a way to help women deal with mental health issues and we wanted to create a club where women felt comfortable, supported and loved. When we said we were starting a blog so many of our wonderful team mates jumped at the chance to contribute and share their experiences of how netball has changed their lives. Every time we receive one, I have to say we shed a few tears!

Anna's Netball Story

I never really liked being tall, people used to comment on it a lot when I was younger and it always made me feel self conscious. I often had people tell me I should play netball due to my height but I never seemed to find the time to join a team.

After I had a baby and working in a high-pressure job, I found myself yearning to do something each week that was just for me. I joined my local team and I have never looked back. It’s great having something to focus on other than work or being a ‘mum’. Although some weeks I think I’m too tired or busy to go, I don’t want to let my team-mates down so I turn up, and within 5 minutes of being on the court I am jumping around with a new-found energy and massive grin on my face! Scoring goals is a great feeling, after a stressful day it brings me a sense of achievement. And finally I’ve found a good reason for being tall!

Netball - Find time for you

So many of us are busy mums dealing with not only stressful jobs but being super mums. It is so important to take time for you and do something that makes you feel great. Netball is not only fantastic exercise but it is so much more. Being part of a club brings so much joy through friendships and the support network you build extends way beyond the court. 

Have a netball story you want to share? Get in touch!

Ali x

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