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Andrea's Netball Story

When I am feeling down or having a bad day, I know that my day will get better when I am on that netball court!. My team are not only my team, they are also my strength. The bond we have is amazing! As a Goal Shooter, I can really feel the pressure when it comes to a match as sometimes missing shots makes you feel like your letting your team mates down. I kick myself everytime but my team mates pick me back up and make me realise that I am not on my own because we are a team!!!

I have three children but I still find the time to play netball three times a week. My  two daughters also play netball and they love the sport just as much as I do! They are the reason that I got back into netball as they inspired me when I watched them play! They also play Goal Shooter and Goal Attack. My youngest daughter will train with me each week and she helps me maintain my confidence when I’m having a bad day. We literally sleep, eat and breath netball.

I love my netball family and I am so passionate about the sport!!.. #SleepEatNetballRepeat



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