"I owe a big thank you to my netball girls" - Gemma, MG Cougars

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Gemma's Netball Story

I started playing netball again just over 10 months ago, after not playing since school (18 years ago). I now play/train twice, sometimes three times a week. I absolutely love it... It makes me wonder why I ever gave it up in the first place!

I'm a mum of two fabulous boys and I am training hard to become an accountant.

My boys even come to training with me and sometimes join in the fun games!

I owe a big thank you to my netball girls/family they make me feel so welcome, they have helped me gain confidence in playing as I thought I was awful when I first got back in to i!They have encouraged me so much to try my best each and every week.

If you are thinking about getting back into netball do it, you wont regret it!!

Gem xx 

Find your local Netball Club

Netball is the fastest growing sport in the UK and I will let you in on a secret - thats because it is the best game EVER! I can promise you that netball will change your life for the better. You will make amazing friendships, get fit and improve your mental health. Netball is the ultimate stress buster!

Netball England have a search function on their website so you can find your local 'back to netball' club - https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/play/back-to-netball/

Let us know your netball story!

Ali x

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